Window Security

Technology has come a long way in the double glazing industry and a lot of serious time and money has been spent on the design and manufacture of window locking systems.

Available in today’s market are an impressive array of complex yet functional locking and security mechanisms, many of which are fitted as standard by window and glazing suppliers up and down the UK.

Locking Mechanisms

Window security locks including Espagnolette locks and SAC (Security and Compression) shoot bolt systems, are among the most common, often coming with a central mortise lock similar to that of a standard back door. There are also 8 or 10 multi-point locking systems and then of course the need to consider whether you install internal or external beading.


The question of beading is probably best taken up with your double glazing provider as opinion varies. The predominant school of thought is that internal beading has been designed to prevent the frame being jimmied from the outside and so is more secure. It’s a good idea to ask your installer to see a sample of corner beading; it tends to make more sense when you see a cross section and the majority of glazing representatives carry them as standard.


For all the technical advancement, it still has to be recognised that if someone wants to break into your home, they will do. Your doors and windows are the natural points of entry and therefore prime targets for potential thieves. Although toughened glass, internal beading, reinforced hinges and a quality window locking system are all well and good, in reality perhaps their greatest power lies as a deterrent rather than a physical barrier to entry.

Combine these with an easily recognisable alarm or better yet an active Neighbourhood Watch scheme and chances are that anyone eyeing up your property will decide it’s more trouble than it’s worth and move on.

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