Window Condensation

Condensation is a scientific byproduct of warmer homes in which, ironically, double glazing plays a major role in creating. Warm air on the inside meets cold air on the outside and condensation forms.

The number of water molecules in the air directly affects levels of condensation. Everything, from air-drying clothes to having baths and showers. Even breathing increases the water content in the air around us.

Double glazing condensation is often non-existant for the simple reason that two panes of glass means that it’s less of a shock for the water molecules as they hit the warmer inside pane. Another reducer of condensation between panes is the use of tiny silica balls in the space between the glass panes which soak up excess moisture.

That said, double glazing condensation still occurs. Problems such as misting or fogging between the sealed units can often occur when the silica becomes saturated. This breaking down of the sealed unit should not happen for at least 5 years after installation and in many cases doesn’t happen for a long time after that. Proof of this is that most double glazing suppliers and fitters provide a 10-year guarantee covering condensation damage.

If your double glazed windows are still under guarantee when condensation becomes a real problem, then your supplier should replace them. If not covered by the guarantee then there is a way to repair the sealed units.

Condensation repair involves drilling a tiny hole in the glass and installing a small vent. This can be up to 50% cheaper than replacing the broken unit, however it does require specialist skills and equipment so be sure to get the experts in.