Double Glazing Styles

Today’s technology means that you can get double glazed windows in pretty much any style you choose. In the majority of cases windows that are the most visually pleasing use double glazing styles that suit the style of the property they are being installed in.

Looking at similar properties in your local area or properties of the same age, can give you a good idea of what style will look best in your home.

There’s a lot of choice available in modern double glazing styles, such as diamond or square leaded windows, white or gold fret-work windows. Glazing is also available in a variety of profiles. For example, in white, oak or rosewood.

Depending on personal choice you can also decide to have beveled or coloured glass where appropriate. Double glazing installers can advise on the type of opening which will work best for you.

Of course, windows come in every shape and size so be sure to discuss specific requirements including hatch windows or skylights as well as bay or arch windows with the surveyor. Be aware that there are strict rules in the UK governing types and style of glazing permissible in listed buildings and homes in conservation areas. Dependant on your circumstances, uPVC Double Glazing may not be acceptable whereas wooden double glazing is a viable alternative.