Double Glazing Installation

If you’ve taken the time to source a quality local fitter, FENSA or CERTASS registered and hopefully in the game for a long time, then chances are you’ll have an experienced team of fitters and have absolutely nothing to worry about during the installation process, other than putting the kettle on.

There is an art to installing double glazing, which is why DIY double glazing is such an extreme learning curve. Providing the surveyor has done his job properly and the supplier has met the exact specifications, all should run smoothly.

From the consumer’s perspective, once you have reached the installation phase all the hard work is over; you’ve found a good supplier, hopefully negotiated a good deal and have taken the time to read the small print in the contract. From here on in the buck will stop with the surveyor. Provided you got an expert in to do the survey or the supplier conducted their own, then although any problems will cause an inconvenient delay, financially and contractually it’s the supplier’s problem, not yours.

Double glazing installation done well, involves the careful removal of old windows and frames and the making good of the brick opening before the new sills and double glazed units are carefully placed into position. The real art in fitting double glazing comes with years of practice and involves a considerable amount of expertise when using packers, fitting the beading etc. This is particularly true when installing doors; the process known as toeing and heeling can be notoriously tricky to get right. What’s involved and the skills required to do a good job can also vary depending on the type and make of glazing being installed. Double glazing installation is not easy, so at this point you can relax and be pleased with your decision to use the professionals.

Good double glazing fitters will be proud of their work and rightfully so. They should always tidy up after themselves and take the time to let you inspect each installation, making sure you are aware of all of the security features and are comfortable with the locking mechanisms, safety features and finish – before they leave.

If people are happy with their double glazing and pleased with the installation team, nine times out of 10 they will be glad to give written or verbal recommendations. Bear this in mind when choosing a supplier; ask to speak to local satisfied customers and confirm that their standards are as you’d expect. Taking the time to do your homework and finding a reputable local supplier will save you a lot of time and trouble down the line; get it right and the installation should be a breeze.

Always remember, as a consumer you have rights, don’t be pressured and never sign off on an installation until you are 100% happy with the finished job.