Double Glazing Survey

The survey or taking or measurements for new double glazing at first glance doesn’t look complicated. However, a good double glazing surveyor will not only be taking into account the size of the frames required. There is an art to measuring up for new windows, especially if you are planning on installing UPVC frames.

The survey will take into account everything from a professional fitters perspective, including dealing with load baring walls, correct ventilation, legal requirements concerning easy escape and safety glass legislation, even preferable security features dependant on the size, location and purpose of the new windows.

Although it’s always advisable to get a professional double glazing survey before ordering, it’s possible to measure up yourself, just so that you have your own idea as to your requirements and possible costs, before speaking to double glazing companies.

Remember when measuring up for new windows that you are not measuring the old window, but the brick opening it sits within. This is especially important with UPVC frames and they must be fitted to expand. Another very good reason to get an expert in.

Always take two to three measurements, take the average and always measure in millimetres. Also, bear in mind that many professional glazing companies will insist on doing their own survey before drawing up a contract. This is to protect you as well as them; getting the survey wrong and not finding out until the moment of installation is a very costly mistake to rectify for all involved.

Most suppliers provide the double glazing survey as part of the service. There is no extra cost to you and so given the expensive margin for error, 9.9 times out of 10 it’s always better to leave it up to professionals.

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