What’s Involved? The Double Glazing Process

Once you’ve made the decision to install new or replacement windows it’s important to have a very clear idea of your requirements before embarking on the process.

By all means measure up to get a rough idea as to the size and requirements of the windows you will need. Indulge in a little window shopping literally; look at similar style properties to yours to see what might look good.

Ideally the next move is to locate at least 3 reputable double glazing companies operating in your local area and approach them for quotes.

Many professional suppliers will insist on their own double glazing survey, for your sake as much as for theirs. Before agreeing to this make sure you have done your homework, for example checking whether they are registered with a self-assessment body such as FENSA or CERTASS and that they have satisfied clients in the local area. It’s also worth discussing both the guarantee they will provide and their relevant insurance cover.

Providing you are happy with the survey and have compared multiple quotes like for like, you should be ready to go ahead and place an order. Never be rushed into this; ordering double glazing is your prerogative and you can take as long as you like to reach your decision.

Once the contract has been drawn up, again take your time to read it and make sure you are completely happy with it before you sign. Check your right to cancel and get a clear installation and completion date.

Once the installation process is underway you are hopefully not too far away from completion and reaping the benefits of new double glazing. Be aware of your rights if you are not happy with the work and never sign off on it until you are completely satisfied.

Once payment has been made and providing you have used a FENSA or CERTASS registered installer, you should receive the necessary compliance certificate within a few weeks. You will need this to sell your property, so make sure you get it.