Looking for local upvc double glazing prices?

In the UK today uPVC windows are by far the most popular choice for property owners. Not only is uPVC (un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) the cheapest option of all double glazing materials, up to three times cheaper than traditional wooden frames, but it is also the most energy efficient.

Available in a variety of colours and finishes, although white is the most popular, uPVC or PVC-u is also recyclable and incredibly durable.

Window suppliers offer very competitive prices for replacement windows of this type. Being the leading choice in the UK makes double glazed uPVC a competitive market place, which is great news for homeowners.

uPVC requires little maintenance other than a wipe with a soft cloth and at most a little washing up liquid. These windows are excellent insulators, are resistant to UV light and can easily accommodate the latest in locking and security mechanisms.

For other types of double glazing materials, see wooden double glazing and aluminium double glazing.

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