Energy Efficiency

It’s a fact that double glazing reduces your homes carbon footprint. Statistics vary, but it is estimated that double glazing can reduce the amount of heat escaping through a home’s windows by up to 50%. It’s this ability to retain heat that makes double glazing so energy efficient compared to single pane windows.

Put simply, less heat required equals less fuel burnt, be it gas, electricity or open fire. It all equates to an ultimate reduction in CO2 which in environmental terms is always a good thing. Get advice from the Energy Saving Trust here.

Although there are alternatives, a good quality UPVC frame is the most popular option these days.

Reduced Heating Bills

The same reasons which make double glazing so energy efficient also mean that it reduces your heating bills.

Less heat lost through your windows means less heat required to heat your home for longer. This of course has a knock on effect on your energy bills and is a significant sales factor to potential buyers when you come to sell your property.