Sounds daft doesn?t it, but according to English Heritage, the UK is under attack from the scourge of speed bumps, satellite dishes and ? you guessed it, UPVC double glazing!

It sounds like scare mongering if you ask me, especially since there are already stringent planning permission regulations governing properties in conservation areas and Outstanding Natural Beauty spots.

Plus, lets us not forget the impressive green credentials of double glazing; the energy saving benefits alone are enough reason to see why home owners up and down the country are opting for UPVC.

Of course in today?s competitive market, there are always options, not least the development of ?woodgrain look? UPVC which many glazing companies have started to stock.

With today?s technology, sound proofing and better insulating your home doesn?t have to get ugly, you simply have to think outside the box a little in order to keep everyone happy.

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