Everyone knows that when looking to sell their home, that a quick coat of magnolia and the smell of freshly brewed coffee and can work wonders, but if your potential buyers were put off before they?d even removed their shoes, you?re fighting a losing battle.

It?s a recognised statistic that the average person sums-up a stranger within 3 seconds of meeting them. First impressions are vital to get right and in home owning terms, that starts at the front door.

Replacing shabby or damaged exterior doors can make a big difference to the superficial impressions that apparently many potential buyers base their decisions on.

Smart replacement doors need not cost the earth, many double glazing installers will be falling over themselves to help and it?s a surprisingly effective and quick fix that could just give you the edge when selling your home.

If thinking of upgrading your curb appeal, think about the following: safety, durability, design and budget and then it?s just a case of sourcing a first class double glazing supplier.

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