For many people, energy efficiency and saving money is the first and most enticing benefit to double glazing. However, if you live in a particularly noisy area; on a main road, city centre or under a flight path, the noise reduction qualities of double glazing may well be the main attraction.

Noise reduction although crucial to many, is in some ways a by-product of all the time and money spent on creating a draft free, energy efficient product.

The use of two sheets of toughened glass, usually gas filled and framed with quality sealants and UPVC, means that the path of sound waves, travelling through the air, from outside to your ears inside, is considerable hampered.

If for whatever reason you cannot install double glazing, perhaps you live in a listed building or a conservation area, secondary glazing could be the solution to your noise pollution problems. In fact secondary glazing is arguably more effective at eliminating noises than standard double glazing, being the glazing of choice for many building designed specifically to reduce excess noise.

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