Security, durability and low maintenance:? three good reasons to choose UPVC double glazing over traditional wooden frames.

UPVC is by far the most popular choice for double glazed windows and doors in the UK and given the remarkable qualities of this material, it?s easy to see why.

For a start UPVC window frames are significantly more durable when it comes to resisting the elements and bearing up against the harsh UK weather. Also, they look great and are remarkably easy to keep that way, needing no more than the occasional wipe down with a standard detergent once in a while.

If that wasn?t persuasion enough, they are incredibly tough ? if your homes security is a deciding factor for you, then UPVC and the variety of security features it enables, such as high security Shootbolt Locks, is the material you.

I could go on to talk about impressive heat retention statistics, energy efficiency, low cost, simple installation, noise reduction? but I?d be here all day, so to reiterate what I said at the beginning: if you?re only looking for just three good reasons to install UPVC frames in your home then security, durability and low maintenance are very good places to start.

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