Why is UPVC double glazing the most popular choice in the UK for new and replacement windows? Perhaps because it?s cheap, durable, low maintenance and has excellent heat retention properties. In fact UPVC is the only material used in the construction of double glazing that actually expands and contracts in keeping with the weather, ensuring brilliant thermal efficiency.

Another interesting fact about UPVC is that after polyethylene (polythene) and polypropylene (PP) it is the third most produced plastic in the world.

Constructed by repeating vinyl groups and replacing some one of them with a chloride group, in technical terms UPVC is a thermoplastic vinyl polymer. It is also an ideal material for framing double glazing units because it is surprising malleable and so can fit any design and shape of window required.

Biologically and chemically resistant and so not affected by corrosion, UPVC is also the first choice when manufacturing household sewage pipes as well as clothing, upholstery, hoses, flooring and inflatable structures.

To top it all off, this apparent wonder product is also completely recyclable as a window framing material ? need I say more?

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