In the UK, housing estates have been springing up all over the place. And the majority of these houses have uPVC front doors.

It?s not just at the front either. They?ll more than likely have uPVC doors fitted at the back of the property too. This is because uPVC doors have a number of qualities that make them a great addition to your home.

In today?s world, it?s always in the back of our minds that our home is not secure. But with uPVC doors you can be at peace.

These doors are extremely tough, so the chances of someone breaking in are very slim. In fact, just having uPVC doors will deter burglars in the first place.

And if the door is also fitted with double glazing or laminated glass, it?ll making forced entry that much harder.

Energy efficiency
Just like double glazing and other insulation measures, uPVC doors can instantly lower your energy bills as heat loss is reduced.

This is a great time to invest when energy prices are soaring, for both gas and electricity. And as winter approaches, you?ll certainly want your home to stay as warm as possible, without expensive bills.

Noise reduction
If you live near a busy main road or train line, you could find noise a real problem when all you want is some peace and quiet.

uPVC doors will deflect the noise away from your home, rather than let it filter in. This could even be beneficial if there are road works nearby, or a neighbour is in the middle of construction work.

No maintenance
Older doors need repainting every few months and the aesthetic appeal is lost under wear and tear.

However, uPVC doors are great in interchangeable weather conditions and any dirt can be wiped off easily with a cloth.

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