What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing has just started to take a market share in the UK?s window industry. It?s a lot more popular in the rest of Europe, especially Scandinavia, for its improved energy efficiency.

As you?d expect from the name, triple glazing is simply three panes of glass, rather than the two you?d find in double glazing.

And just like double glazing, triple glazing will usually have argon inserted in the spacers, to further insulate your home from extreme heat and cold.

Triple glazing is more expensive than the traditional double glazing, but its added benefits are certainly worthwhile.

Benefits of triple glazing

  • Improved insulation: The extra pane gives better insulation to your home. Not only does this reduce heat loss through windows in the winter, but also stops heat entering your property in the summer.
  • Save money: With triple glazing?s better insulation, you?ll save money on monthly and annual energy bills. Because less heat is escaping you home, you won?t need to use home heating methods (such as radiators and underfloor heating) as often.
  • Reduced carbon emissions: As you?re using less heat to warm your home, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. Carbon dioxide is one of the causes of accelerated global warming. This is responsible for the melting of icecaps and therefore, a rise in sea levels.
  • Noise reduction: This is especially helpful if you live near a busy main road or train line. But it can also be useful if there are traffic works or you have noisy neighbours.
  • Increased security: With more panes in the window unit, security in your home is improved. Intruders would have to break three separate panes to gain entry, which would probably deter most.
  • Less condensation: With an added pane, you?ll have reduced condensation as the cold air on the outside won?t come in contact with the warm inside. The panes won?t be able to feel each other?s temperature and moisture won?t settle on the glass. However, it?d still be advised to have an extractor fan, especially when running baths and showers.

With global warming becoming a much bigger problem in recent years, triple glazing definitely has a place in the UK window market.

In this country we?ll see hotter summers and colder winters over the next few years, and triple glazing is great for dealing with extreme temperatures.

You?ll save money on bills, reduce your carbon footprint and have a more comfortable home all year round.

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