Double glazing need not be daunting; here are 6 easy steps designed to ensure that your new or replacement double glazing project runs smoothly:

Quotes: Perhaps the most crucial part of the whole process ? finding a double glazing supplier. Make sure you get a quick quote from a minimum of 3 independent suppliers. Check to see if they are registered with a self-assessment body, for example CERTASS or FENSA and ask if they can provide any references from contented customers in your area.

Survey: Most double glazing suppliers will insist on using their own surveyor. This is for your sake as much as there?s; it?s a vital job to get right ? the last thing you want is the wrong sized windows to arrive on your installation date.

Contract: Once you are ready to place your order, take your time to read the contract carefully, remember that there is no rush, read the small print and make sure any additional requirements you discussed have been included. It?s also a good idea to check your rights to cancel and the inclusion of an agreed completion date.

Installation: Providing you have done your homework and chosen a reputable supplier with a qualified team of professional fitters, the installation of your windows should be a relatively stress free affair. Your most important job will be to make the tea and check that they?ve tidied up after themselves!

Sign Off: Just one word of warning ? never sign off until you are 100% satisfied with the job.

Compliance Certification: you will need this certification if you ever come to sell your home. This process is made a great deal easier by choosing a FENSA or CERTASS registered installer ? they will take care of everything and you should receive the necessary compliance certificate within a few weeks.

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