DG-300x200-3There are still thousands of cowboy traders in the UK, all ready to take your money, do a botched job and leave you with expensive double glazing repairs. We’ve all heard the horror stories and the important part is to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

According to a Which? report more than a quarter of members had to pay out money after the installation was completed, leaving an average cost of £532.

Remember, one of the chief reasons to invest in new windows, is to cut your annual energy bills, so splashing out on extra double glazing repairs defeats the point.

With double glazing:

  • Cut your heating bills by up to £300 a year with improved energy efficiency because of the motionless gas inserted between the two panes of glass
  • Heat your home more efficiently without the need to turn up your thermostat. Heat is locked inside your property and isn’t allowed to escape
  • Ensure your home is cooler in the summer too, as the same technique restricts the amount of heat that can enter the property during the warmer months
  • Make your property more secure with two panes of glass and the latest locking mechanisms
  • Reduce your home’s carbon footprint as your heating system won’t be needed as much as before. This is environmentally friendly and raises your property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure you don’t get ripped off with your windows installation and avoid having to fork out on double glazing repairs.

1. A problem that homeowners encounter is timing issues. Contractors either turn up late or over-run, so ensure to include this in your contract or in writing.

2. To make certain installation costs don’t exceed the original quote, agree a fixed price and enquire how much extra work will be charged at.

3. Picking a reputable contractor is crucial to ensuring you receive a great job. By checking references you’ll be able to find out how reputable a company is. With our service you can compare quotes from up to four independently vetted companies. Picking a cowboy can leave you with huge double glazing repairs bills.

4. Another common complaint is having rubbish left behind after the contractor has completed the installation. Make sure this is agreed before a contract is signed on who will remove the old windows.

5. You also want to make sure you have more than one way of getting in contact with your contractor. Two phone numbers and an address should be suitable.

The good news about double glazing

Essentially there are many cowboy traders out their lurking in the shadows. But equally there are thousands of honest, reputable companies who’ll do a brilliant job on your double glazing installation.

The best way to avoid paying out on double glazing repairs is to apply for up to four FREE double glazing quotes and hear from local, reputable businesses. You’ll be able to compare quotes, making sure you get the right price and all quotes are no obligation.

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