Doors are an essential cog in your home?s security and should not be bought cheaply to save a few pounds.

Thieves targeting a property will pinpoint two possible entry points ? the windows and the doors.

Therefore, it is of upmost importance that both areas are fully secure, to protect you and your belongings. So don?t choose something that will not fit your property?s needs.

For windows, it?s very easy to find great solutions to improve security. Double glazing is the most popular choice, with the added pane and stronger frames suitable for warding off potential thieves.

However, some people choose the stronger, more durable laminated or toughened glass to fit in their windows. They both resist impacts much better, but are usually fitted into a conservatory or porch.

But all of these types of glass can be fitted into an uPVC, wooden or aluminium door just as easily.

This means the door?s panes are very secure. Some doors, especially uPVC, come with other locking mechanisms too. This heightens window security even more and keeps your mind at peace.

If you skimp on the costs and go for something less durable, you will be more at risk of a break-in. So, always ensure that your windows and doors meet the security measures that will keep your home secure all year round.

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