Essentially, if you?re looking to secure your home against potential thieves, there is only one real option.

Guard dogs may ward off paperboys and canvassers, but if you?ve got old, tired and badly constructed window frames, they will be targeted.

In terms of window security, double glazed windows are fantastic, as they come fully equipped with features such as multi-locking mechanisms.

Double glazing can also come with double locking handles and hinged security measures, to further protect your home from intruders.

Old, single paned windows can be easily removed from their frames, allowing easy access into the home. This is just simply not the case with double glazing, as the added pane gives thieves a headache, especially if internally beaded.

In the UK, double glazing has to be installed to strict guidelines and manufactured to British Standard BS 7412. This is because it makes double glazing even harder to force open from the outside, giving your home the security edge.

Your porch or conservatory can also benefit from added glass security measures. Laminated glass is super strong and great for adding security to your property. Glass cutters are also ineffective against laminated glass.

While double glazing does not come cheap, it will certainly give you peace of mind at night and when you?re out of the home.

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