It is common sense that old, non-double glazed windows are a lot easier to break into and allow entry into your home. Windows and doors are the prime entry points for potential thieves so be sure to consider the locking devices carefully when installing new double glazing.

Internally beaded windows are thought of as particularly tricking for burglars as they have been designed to make them very hard to remove from the outside.

It?s also a good idea to consult with your double glazing installer; find out which locking system is fitted as standard and the cost of possible upgrades ? it?s often not as costly as you would think.

Three of the most effective and popular locking systems to look out for are:

  • The ?shootbolt system? with a Sac Bolt added to the rear of the opening vent
  • The ?high security shootbolt lock? that has a 10 point locking system
  • The standard Espagnolette roller lock system

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