Rising energy costs have become a serious problem in the UK and many homeowners are struggling with monthly payments, something double glazing can help out with.

This winter the major energy companies will once again raise their prices, leaving homeowners in the cold unless they can afford to spend more on their bills. And much of the population have already taken measures to reduce their bills, with 80% of the UK taking action to cut energy expenditure. Energy-300x199

The double glazing industry has seen plenty of business over the last few months as homeowners have set themselves for winter. Efficient units retain heat in the home, so you don’t have to turn up the thermostat to keep warm.

  • Double glazed windows are made by separating an energy efficient spacer by two panes of glass
  • The efficient gas spacer of Argon, Xenon or Krypton, prevents heat from passing through the unit
  • Therefore, more warmth is retained in the home and you cut your energy bills by up to £200 a year

But it’s not just heat loss that ensures double glazing is such a worthwhile investment. In fact, homeowners often opt for double glazed windows as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to their current panes.

Much of the UK have wooden frames which need constant care and maintenance, or older uPVC models which have yellowed with age. By replacing your outdated windows you’ll have something to be proud of and instantly improve the look of your home.

Two other advantages to replacing older windows are reduced condensation and less noise pollution in your home. Because you have a warmer inner pane, moisture has nowhere to settle, ensuring you cut condensation, protecting your curtains and frames from damage.

And in the same way heat is retained in the home, noise is kept out. The energy efficient properties of double glazing prevent noise from passing through the unit, so your home will be left in peace and quiet throughout the year.

To make the most of energy efficiency and benefit from a whole host of other benefits, install double glazing. Compare prices with vetted, reputable and local double glazing companies and ensure to get the right quote.

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