With winter fast approaching you may want to start looking at double glazing as a viable option to insulating your home.

Over the colder months you?ll need to turn up the thermostat, which will bump up your energy bills. And with the UK?s energy suppliers raising gas and electricity prices, it could prove quite costly.

But by having double glazed windows installed in your property, you?ll reduce heat loss and make your home much more energy efficient.

This won?t just serve a purpose in winter, but also summer, as the hot draughts will be kept out and your home will remain cool.

With improved energy efficiency your home will be emitting less carbon, which is one of the poisonous gases responsible for global warming.

But it?s not just energy efficiency that makes double glazing such a great catch. The two layers of glass stop unwanted noise pollution from outside.

This could be particularly useful if you live near a busy main road or there are traffic works nearby.

Your home will also be safer with double glazing, as burglars are less likely to break in. It?s much harder to gain access through two panes rather than one, and with fantastic inbuilt security features you?re home can be safe as houses.

With double glazing you can also wave goodbye to condensation problems, as the two panes can?t feel each others? temperature because of the spacer in between.

This space is normally filled with an energy efficient gas such as argon, xenon or krypton, with argon proving the most cost-effective.

While double glazing may look like an expensive option, it?ll certainly be worth the investment over a 20+ year life expectancy.

You?ll make back the initial cost in bill savings, and you?ll feel safer in your own home.

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