If you?re looking for something a little different to the single paned and double glazed windows, you might be interested in a new breed of glass known as Planitherm.

Planitherm reduces energy bills with its unique makeup. Available in an A rating, the windows use advanced coatings to keep more heat in your home, while capturing energy from the sun.

As much as 26% of your home?s heat could be lost through inefficient windows which puts an extra 28% onto your energy bills.

But with Planitherm, heat isn?t allowed to escape, but instead is radiated back into the room. This gives you a brighter, warmer home.

And in fact, Planitherm have claimed that these new windows are three times more efficient than single panes and at least 25% better than most double glazed units.

Many existing windows installed in the last 10 years will have an energy rating of E, which is simply not good enough to provide adequate insulation to your property.

But Planitherm say their windows can easily achieve a C rating, but many homeowners should be looking to have A rated windows installed to maximise energy efficiency.

However, despite Planitherm?s obvious qualities, double glazing is a much better option if you?re looking for the whole package.

Double glazing doesn?t just keep your home warm and your fuel bills down. Because there are two panes of glass rather than just one, you?ll also have reduced condensation and noise pollution.

As the panes are separated by a spacer, they can?t feel each other?s temperature. This means there isn?t a cold pane for moisture to settle on.

Also if you?re near a busy main road or you have noisy neighbours, double glazing will deflect the sound waves away from your home.

And what?s more, you can have double glazing fitted in any energy rating of your choosing.

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