With the rising prices of gas and electricity combined with green taxes, it’s been revealed that one in four homes will struggle to keep warm this winter. There are already five million homes in Britain currently in fuel poverty because of rising energy prices.

The fear is that many households may be forced into the ‘heat or eat’ dilemma ahead of winter. But this needn’t be the case because there are options available to homeowners such as double glazing and house insulation. Double glazing will help you reduce your energy bills at all times of the year, by retaining heat in your home and keeping out the cold air.

As ministers debate the green taxes that could put millions more into fuel poverty, it’s the perfect time to think about insulating your home with double glazed units. You’ll find that not only are your bills reduced, but your home will have less condensation, less noise pollution and increased security.

The growing worry of green tax surrounds the government’s £200 billion proposal to shift to wind power, wave power and nuclear power stations.

William Baker, of the statutory consumer body, said: “With over five million households currently in fuel poverty, it is difficult to see how the Government is going to eradicate fuel poverty by 2016, as required by the Warm Homes and Conservation Act 2000.

“We therefore urge the government to use the proceeds from new carbon taxes to provide vital funds to support a national energy efficiency programme.”

Now’s the time to think about double glazing your windows, especially with all six of the major energy suppliers raising their prices. Since 2003 the average dual fuel bill has doubled, now at around £1,300.

Double glazing is a great insulator as its two panes of glass separated by an inert, efficient gas that retains heat. This is normally Argon, Xenon or Krypton.

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