In the winter you waste a lot more money on energy bills to keep your home warm, and you?ll pay even more if your property?s not insulated properly.

In fact, in the colder months you could be spending up to 40% more on energy because the heat is escaping the house though the walls and windows.

In single glazed windows you may be losing 25% of your home?s heat. And the only way to improve this is to improve the unit itself and install double glazing.

Two panes of glass are sealed together, but with a small space in between to insert an energy efficient gas. Argon, xenon and krypton are the most common gases. This unit is then highly effective insulation.

Double glazing can be made to fit any window, and be installed in new and old homes. The only time you could have a problem, is if you?re living in a conservation area or World Heritage Site. However, you can contact your local planning offer to find out.

And it?s not just the insulation properties that put double glazing at the forefront of the industry. Added benefits of improved security and reduced noise pollution make double glazing a worthwhile investment.

Double glazed windows will stop intruders from breaking into your home. Doors and windows are the likely targets, but with double glazing they?ll have a hard time coming through.

Because there are two panes, it?s double the effort for anyone trying to get in and the extra time it takes won?t be worth the hassle.

The two panes will also protect your home from noise pollution. This is particularly useful if you live near a busy main road.

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