Creating a warm and welcoming home is vital to making the most from your property and replacement double glazed unitsDG-300x196 are a brilliant way to do just that. With the housing market in a poor state, more and more people are opting to stay put rather than move home.

Homeowners can improve their property in a number of ways, from redesigning the kitchen or bathroom, to adding a conservatory to the back of the house. But when it comes to creating aesthetic appeal for your home’s exterior and saving money on energy bills, replacement double glazed units come out on top.

Using a reputable double glazing company is crucial to having a brilliant finish and it’s important to always check credentials and references before signing a contract. There are still thousands of cowboy traders operating in the UK, all willing to do a botched job and take your hard-earned money.

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Retain heat and slash bills

In a world where energy prices are continuously on the rise, finding a way to cut bills is crucial to escaping fuel poverty. Double glazing is one very successful way of slashing your heating bills and more heat is retained in the home. This means you don’t have to turn off the thermostat to keep warm and less fuel is burnt.

Replacement double glazed units work by having two panes of glass separated by an inert gas spacer. This spacer is usually Argon, Xenon or Krypton. The properties of these gases mean heat is unable to pass through, locking it inside the home.

In the summer months this also has the benefit of keeping homes cooler as heat won’t enter through the double glazing.

Double glazing windows will help you reduce your energy bills by up to £300 a year.

Improved security

With two panes of glass your property is instantly more secure and often potential burglars are completely put off by double glazing. With the modern locking systems available, such as the multipoint locking mechanism, you can ensure your uPVC windows are securely fastened.

If you’re considering double glazing, ensure to receive internally beaded panes. Externally beaded windows can be ‘popped’ from the outside, making break-ins much easier.

Reduced noise pollution

With the same technique that allows double glazing to retain heat in the home, noise is also kept out. This is great for homes in busy areas in the city, or on busy main roads. With replacement double glazed units you’ll be able to keep your home both warmer and quieter, leaving you in peace throughout the year.

Less condensation

Condensation forms on cold surfaces when there is moisture in the air. Moisture is created from everyday activities such as taking a bath or shower. Even breathing creates several pints of moisture daily.

With double glazing, the amount of moisture settling on your windows is much reduced. Condensation can damage your curtains and window frames, so anything that can prevent this is needed.

With the spacer in place, your inner pane remains warm in keeping with your home’s temperature. This means there is nowhere for the moisture to land. Double glazing is manufactured with small air gaps to allow this moisture to escape the home too and these don’t have an effect on the double glazing’s efficiency.

Double glazing quotes

Replacement double glazed units are a must for every home. Whether you have single paned windows or inefficient old units, investing in double glazing is a sure-fire way to slash your energy bills.

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