DG-200x300-2Grants for double glazing and other home improvement products could see you charged thousands of pounds, despite the Government scheme intended to help homeowners reduce energy bills.

The Green Deal, scheduled for an October launch, is the Government’s flagship energy efficiency programme which they hope will insulate Britain. But the scheme’s proposals have already caused controversy and drawn criticism from experts.

And 80% of the country is expected to snub the Coalition’s scheme, according to a recent survey.

The Green Deal will offer grants for double glazing, but you’ll have to make monthly repayments. This should be worked out based on how much you save on energy bills, but critics say you could end up paying more.

And Energy Secretary Ed Davey has mentioned that interest rates could be as high as 7.5% pushing a £10,000 loan to a £25,000 payback over 25 years. On top of this, families who hope to payback early would face heavy penalties.

Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Caroline Flint, said: “The public want a simple and affordable scheme, so they can improve their home and cut their energy bills.

“It would be completely unfair if the public are forced to pay hefty penalties. The Government must come clean about interest rates. Done properly, a pay-as-you-save energy efficiency scheme could cut carbon emissions, create jobs and lower bills for families.”

Whether you take grants for double glazing or opt to pay for the installation in full, the benefits make investment really worthwhile.

  • Save up to £300 on your heating bills. Because of double glazing’s heat retention qualities, heat loss is restricted, ensuring you needn’t turn up the boiler temperature to keep warm
  • Make your home more secure. With the double panes and modern locking systems, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is much more secure
  • Reduced condensation. Moisture in the air will only cling to cold surfaces and as the inner pane is warm in keeping with your home’s temperature, you can cut condensation
  • Slash your home’s carbon footprint. With less pressure on the heating system you will create reduced carbon emissions in your home. This is great for the environment and helps to ease global warming problems
  • Reduced noise pollution. The same technique that retains heat in your home also restricts noise entering your property. This is particularly fantastic if you’re living on a busy main road or traffic works

Whilst double glazing grants will be made available, you could end up paying over the odds to repay the loan.

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