You may think it’s difficult to find trusted double glazed windows installers and you’re worried about being ripped off by cowboy traders. But there are many reputable companies out there who will do a fantastic job and our service allows you access to the very best in the trade.

Below you’ll find five reasons to invest in double glazed windows, which should encourage you to make the switch.

1. Reduced heating billsDoubleGlazing4

With double glazing you can make a huge saving on your energy bills because of the efficiency these units have. For homes that were previously uninsulated, you could see savings of up to £300 annually. A-rated double glazing would mean even greater energy bill savings.

2. Carbon reduction

It’s not just your energy bills that will be slashed with the installation of double glazed windows. As well as the financial savings you’ll make yearly, your home’s carbon dioxide emissions will be cut up to 680kg annually. Over the 10+ years that double glazing remains extremely efficient it adds up to a massive saving.

3. Improved comfort

Helping the environment and saving money on your ever-increasing bills are both major reasons to invest in double glazed windows. But perhaps you’ll be swayed further by the increased comfort you’ll benefit from, with reduced heat loss and less draughts or cold spots.

4. Peace and quiet

In the same manner that double glazing cuts heat loss, it also reduces the amount of noise pollution allowed to enter your home. The efficient spacer between two panes of glass ensures noise can’t pass through the unit and is locked outside. This motionless space is usually Argon and used for its fantastic energy efficient properties. For homes in busy areas or near a main road, this added benefit to double glazed windows is a welcome relief.

5. Condensation reduction

Another issue that’s resolved with the installation of new double glazed windows is condensation build-up. Too much condensation can lead to black mold and other damp problems and needs to be dealt with adequately. Moisture in the air will settle on cold surfaces, forming condensation. With double glazing this isn’t possible as the inner pane remains warm, like your home. With the energy efficient spacer the two panes of glass can’t feel each other’s temperature and moisture has nowhere to settle.

As you can see, double glazed windows have a lot to offer your home and an installation is something that should be seriously considered, if just as a means to help you reduce bills. For up to four FREE double glazing quotes simply complete our quick form and hear from vetted and reputable double glazing companies in your area.

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