It seems double glazing is just as important to people renting properties as it is to home owners and this all boils down to energy efficiency and ultimately the rising cost of fuel bills.

Good quality double glazed windows and doors, equals less heat escaping and therefore less money spent on costly gas and electricity. Good news for the bill payer and equally good news for the environment.

No doubt as the government intended, energy efficient homes are becoming a priority for homeowners, landlords and tenants alike.

Location will naturally always be the first priority for potential renters, but after that it?s estimated that 98.5% look for central heating and 83.5% take into account whether or not a property is double glazed.

Other statistical clues as to the importance of energy efficiency in the rental market include, 72.5% of renters rating gas, electricity or oil economy highly, alongside 68.6% looking for good insulation and 68.3% taking general warmth into consideration.

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