Double glazed windows are one of the most important features in modern properties, helping to keep energy bills down and ensuring your home stays warm throughout winter. And now double glazed units are even more important.

Leading energy provider Centrica has raised its gas and electricity prices once again, leaving homeowners with more financial misery this winter. The British Gas owners have upped both fuel prices by 6%, adding a further £80 a year to the average household bill.

The price increase will be enforced from November 16, joining rival SSE in raising the tariffs.

Managing Director Phil Bentley said: “We know that household budgets are under pressure and this £1.50 per week rise will be unwelcome.”

“However, we simply cannot ignore the rising costs that are largely outside our control, but which make up most of the bill.”

One of the best ways to counter these price hikes is to have double glazed windows installed in your home. Double glazing offers a range of benefits to homeowners in the UK and considering energy bills have doubled since 2004, units are now more important than ever.

Richard Lloyd from the consumer watchdog Which? has criticised the opacity and lack of competitiveness currently in the energy market.

He said: “What we need to see is action from the government and more pressure on… these very big lazy companies who think it’s OK to clobber people with above-inflation price rises at the very time when they can least afford it.”

“Everybody knows that this is a market that is not competitive, not properly working for consumers. There is very little pressure on British gas to be efficient and to keep these price rises to a minimum.”

According to early reports, there are already six million homeowners planning to cut back on their energy usage, with worries on the increasing prices and not being able to afford payments.

British Gas last raised their prices in the summer of 2011, cranking up electricity costs by 16% and gas by 18%. It certainly won’t be the final price hike either, which is why home insulation measures such as double glazed windows will need to be implemented.

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