So far November hasn’t seen the UK’s temperature fall drastically as expected. It’s usually this time of the year that we turn our heating on and wrap up warm to go outside. But temperatures have stayed above the average, and many people are pointing to climate change as a reason.

Having an environmentally friendly home is important, and climate change is a serious issue. By improving your home with energy efficient products, you’ll be saving the environment and also reducing your energy bills.

Energy efficient double glazing is one option, and will help to reduce heat loss through the windows. This is particularly important when 18% of heat lost is because of inefficient panes. Double glazed units will make your home green, with two panes of glass separated by an efficient gas such as Argon, Xenon or Krypton.

Single paned windows are a big cause of heat loss and draughts in homes. Whenever you feel the cold creeping in you’re likely to turn the heating up, but by upgrading your windows you’ll eradicate the problem for many years to come.

If more homes used less energy, but installed double glazing instead, it’d make a huge contribution to reducing global warming. We’ll be using less fossil fuel, which when burnt, releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

And it’s not just double glazing that you could have installed to lower your bills and reduce carbon emissions. Loft lagging and wall cavity insulation are two other ways to keep your home warm in the middle of winter. Or you could look at a more efficient boiler which would cost less to run.

However, double glazing doesn’t just ease your heat loss issues. By installing double glazed units you’ll benefit from reduced noise pollution from outside, reduced condensation and increased security.

Plus, you don’t just have to install double glazing in your home. It also works perfectly well in a conservatory or orangery, meaning your whole property is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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