The thought of double glazing may cross your mind when the temperature drops and you wonder if your old windows really are as efficient as they once were. Instead of investing in new double glazing or secondary double glazing, a lot of people just turn up the heat on their boiler.

This not only wastes a fortune, but doesn’t solve the initial problem. The warning signs could start as anything. But draughts coming through the windows or condensation in double glazing are sure-fire signs that you need new panes.

To combat the problem you could be looking for double glazing repair companies, but a lot of the time it costs just as much to have the windows resealed. It’s just not worth the extra expense.

As much as 18% of heat is lost through inefficient windows, so a new double glazing unit will retain the warmth in your home. This means your energy bills will be reduced and your carbon footprint cut.

With a lot of people close to or in fuel poverty, double glazing has become an essential home insulation measure. Fuel poverty is when 10% of a home’s income is spent on energy bills. And with all the major energy suppliers raising costs this year, it’s starting to affect more people.

If you’ve decided that your homes needs added insulation and double glazing is right for you, then you have a lot of choice in materials and colours. Remember that a double glazing sash window is possible too.

While uPVC is the standard material most homes use, aluminium frames have a very modern look and wooden frames a traditional one. Everyone’s different and each home will look better with a certain style of window.

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