Contrary to popular belief, buying double glazing doesn?t have to be the fearful process many people expect it to be. Keep a level head; don?t be rushed, above all find a reliable installer and it should all be a piece of cake! However, just to nudge the score in your favour, here is a list if things you might like to check before signing on the dotted line.

A good double glazing contract should include:

  • The price as well as listed fees for additional work
  • Any arranged extras
  • The contractual timeframe for work to be started and completed
  • A thorough description of the materials to be used and the work to be done
  • Your contractual rights to cancel, plus whether any monies already paid will be forfeit
  • A clear outline of agreed payment details, including particulars of the deposit

It?s also a good idea to check that the VAT is included and of course: Always read the small print!

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