I know it?s easier said than done, but if you are considering installing new windows in your home, don?t be pressured by double glazing salesmen trying to offer you a great deal.

Take your time, do a little research, have a look at online showrooms and take a stroll around the local area; quite literally indulge in a spot of window shopping – see what style of window looks good in buildings of a similar age and style to yours. As a general rule of thumb, the more in keeping with the style of the property, the better your new windows will look.

When do get in front of that eager double glazing salesman, be very clear on what you want and exactly what they are offering. Remember that many ?cheap? deals are only that price because the windows have limited functionality. Be sure that your quote includes all the security features you require, plus ask how much an upgrade would be, it might be less than you thought.

Another point to consider is openings – will all the new windows open just as you require? For example, windows above a conservatory are notoriously difficult for the window cleaner to reach, so you might want to consider twist and turn technology for easy cleaning.

In short, it?s a big decision with lots to consider and a sizable price tag for a job well done; so stay calm, don?t be rushed, get a quote from several reputable providers and be sure to enjoy your window shopping experience!

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