Homes without double glazed windows could be losing up to 50% of heat loss through their windows alone and that?s with the windows closed! This adds up to a staggering ?135 per year for an average household, that?s around 720kg of CO2.

No one can argue with the obvious financial and environmental benefits of double glazing, the problem is that just like boilers and water tanks, new windows or doors don?t rate highly when thinking of things to spend our hard earned cash on. Usually it takes the middle of winter and something to break before most of us actually do something about it.

Naturally few people shop around for boilers or double glazing in the summer when the weather?s nice. The summer is the most likely time to find the best bargains; wait until the heating?s broken or your energy bills are the equivalent to throwing ?5 notes on the fire and you can be sure that every engineer and double glazing fitter in the country will be rushed off their feet.

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