Double glazed windows vary from pane to pane, depending on the size and shape of the window it needs to fit.

Another factor that comes into play is what type of gas is used between the two panes of glass. For example, argon is the most energy efficient but that boosts the cost of the double glazed unit.

Prices will also vary depending on what frame you choose to have the glass installed with. There are three main options for double glazing materials.? These are aluminium, wooden and uPVC frames.

Generally speaking, the average double glazing unit prices at around ?350. This may look expensive at first, but with all the benefits double glazing brings to your home, it is well worth the investment.

Double glazing will cut your carbon footprint on the planet, with less carbon emissions produced from heating your property.

This has a secondary advantage of saving you money on your annual heating bills, as heat loss in drastically reduced.

Double glazing also prevents unwanted noises from entering your home, which is great if you live near a busy main road.

So, why not enquire into how much double glazing will save you by receiving a free Quick Quote from one of our professional vetted double glazing companies.

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