Double glazing can save homeowners more money on their energy bills than ever before, as 2012 is ready to pick up from where 2011 left off. Last year gas and electricity prices rose to their highest ever price, leaving many more homeowners in fuel poverty and struggling to pay their energy bills.

Experts are suggesting that over the next few months and years energy bills will continue to rise and without adequate insulation you’ll be paying a fortune. So for 2012, why not invest in double glazing and reduce your bills by hundreds of pounds every year.

Double glazed units help to retain heat in your home by restricting the amount that can pass through your windows. Two panes of glass are separated by a motionless gas, which means heat can’t travel through the unit. The motionless gas, usually Argon, Xenon or Krypton, is inserted into a spacer between 20mm and 28mm in width.

The size of the spacer determines the energy efficiency of the unit, and if you use an energy efficient glass such as Planitherm, you’ll make a huge saving on your bills. Planitherm is a modern product that restricts heat loss and captures the sun’s rays to warm your home. It can be installed into single paned windows as well as double and triple glazed units. What’s more it comes at a similar price to normal glass.

When it comes to choosing double glazing for your home, you’ll have the choice in frame. The three most common frame materials are uPVC, timber and aluminium. You should take into account durability and resistance as well as how aesthetically pleasing the frame will look against your property.

In Conservation Areas and World Heritage Sites you may struggle to gain planning permission for double glazing. If this is the case, then look into secondary glazing as a viable option to reducing your energy bills.

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