The first energy rated doors have been launched just weeks after the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) introduced the Door Efficiency Ratings (DER) scheme.

Door-Stop is the company to bring energy efficient doors to market, and all their doors are registered under the scheme’s criteria.

Included are French, external pedestrian, folding and sliding doors. And all are available in a variety of materials and come double glazed.

Chris Mayne, general manager of the BFRC, said: “The BFRC is delighted to announce the UK’s first DER ratings in such a short time after the scheme was launched.

“It’s a remarkable achievement for Door-Stop. We look forward to announcing further manufacturer registrations in the coming months.”

Door-Stop was able to register their products so quickly because they had been working to produce a U Value certificate for each door.

It was in September that the BFRC launched DER for all doors, to try and improve a home’s energy efficiency. And after all, doors and windows are where draughts strike most often.

Double glazing has a U Value to measure its heat loss and as 1.7 million doors are sold every year in Britain, the industry decided it was time they had the same treatment.

Chris Mayne said: “The existing Door-Stop U Value certificates will be replaced with the BFRC’s ‘rainbow’ energy rating label, which is widely recognised by consumers – an even better sales tool for Door-Stop customers.”

And as mentioned earlier it’s not just doors that can stop heat loss from your home, but also energy efficient windows. In particular, double glazed windows.

Double glazing uses an inert efficient gas between two panes of glass. This gas tends to be argon as it provides the most efficiency.

Because of this spacer, the two panes can’t feel each other’s temperature and therefore heat can’t be absorbed into the glass. This also has the fantastic side effect of preventing condensation.

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