Types and Styles of Double Glazed Doors

Who would have thought that the humble door would command so much attention? Open, close, lock – that’s pretty much the list of requirements for your average front door, yet in recent years the double glazing industry has invested heavily in uPVC technology, moulding techniques and enhanced security features.

A result of this is a huge variety of door types and styles designed to compliment any property.

Whether you are looking for an interior or exterior door, chances are you’ll be spoilt for choice. Available in a range of materials, the three most popular are uPVC doors, wooden doors and composite doors.

Today’s door types and styles far exceed the requirements of their older counterparts as well as being more durable and energy efficient.

At doubleglazing.com we can assist you in getting three professional quotes from fully vetted suppliers in your area. Everything from door frames, French doors and patio doors. There are hundreds of very stylish front and back exterior doors.

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