Tips for Buying Double Glazed Doors

Here are a selection of useful door buying tips to bear in mind when speaking to potential door installers and suppliers:

  • With the vide variety of types and styles now available, it is important when choosing front entrance doors to consider the type and style of your property. Generally speaking something in keeping with existing windows will look good. It’s worth looking at similar types of property in the area to see which styles and colours look the best.
  • Remember to check with suppliers how long they will take to deliver and if possible get estimated installation times.
  • Obviously with interior doors this doesn’t apply, but when choosing external or custom doors, be sure to discuss all the security features the supplier can offer. Very often it is possible to upgrade to more advanced locking system for a little extra cost, plus it’s always nice to know exactly what you are paying for.
  • Never accept the first quote you get whatever you are buying. From interior door frames to the complete installation of French doors, it is always advisable to get at least 2 to 3 local quotations. makes this process easy, without you having to call a single supplier, so there can be no excuses!
  • Don’t forget to discuss the deposit the fitters will require. This varies with supplier but industry standard is 10% unless your order involves any bespoke work. Ideally pay deposits with a credit card as you will then be covered by the Consumer Credit Act.
  • No list of door buying tips would be complete without stating the obvious – listen to the experts. But also ask for time to consider their advice. Drain them of all the information you need so that you can make your own informed decision in your own time
  • Check precisely what is included in the price of your door installation
  • If there is a guarantee what does it cover?
  • Will the supplier provide all necessary certification to conform to UK Building Regulations?

Don’t forget that can supply you with three professional quotes from carefully vetted suppliers in your area.

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