Door Security

Door security is a standard requirement for anyone looking to install or replace an exterior facing door. Weather proofing and energy efficiency are all well and good, but a doors ability to keep out intruders is probably at the top of most people’s priority list when choosing a door.

Front door security is particularly tricky to get right; you want to be safe, but if you’re just popping out or someone is patiently waiting on your doorstep, you don’t want to be fussing around with padlock and codes. Thankfully, due to modern door security systems the padlock wont be necessary.

As doors have got better looking they have also become safer as standard, incorporating features such as toughened safety glass, internal beading, hook lock door security systems and steel reinforced structures, to name but a few.

You would be forgiven for thinking that all that effort goes into front door security and then people go and undermine it by installing popular French or patio doors onto their back gardens, which practically invite in potential burglars. Today however, patio door security has also been heavily invested in and the latest door security technology means that even properties with French doors are safe as houses!

Many reputable French and patio door suppliers fit toughened glass as standard together with anti-jemmy doors and comprehensive six point locking systems. Be sure to discuss all of the safety features available with any suppliers you get quotes from. Most are very proud of the incredible security measures they can offer and will happily put your mind at rest.

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