Looking for local double glazing prices?

The cost of a good quality door can vary depending on the area in which you live and the type of door you’re looking for. Clearly a new front door costs more than a simple interior door as you will require security features, locks and extra strength. As a general rule of thumb uPVC doors are less expensive than wooden doors and require a lot less maintenance long term.

uPVC is the favoured material for patio doors and French doors and windows, mainly because of its strength, but also because it’s considerably cheaper than wooden alternatives and more energy efficient than using aluminium. Similar is true of bifold doors which again require strength and flexibility.

Door costs are also adjusted according to the types and styles you require and the security measures you choose to incorporate. Given the vast range of doors available in today’s consumer market you can no longer simply walk into a door store and be sure you’re getting the best door for the best price.

That’s where doubleglazing.com comes in. We source and carefully vet hundreds of door suppliers, ensuring they adhere to all necessary Regulations and have a trusted reputation. Our extensive database of professional tradespeople means that we can arrange for quotes from three companies local to your area, removing the hassle for you and letting you see for yourself where to get the best product at the best price.

If you’re in the market for a new door, whatever the type, find out more on our Benefits and Tips pages.