Benefits of a uPVC Double Glazed Door

A sturdy, draft free door is a key feature in any home. More and more people are choosing uPVC or PVCU as the most suitable material for their external doors because of its impressive insulating qualities. Well sealed, insulated doors won’t let all the heat escape your home; great news for the environment and for reducing your heating bills.

Security is another reason why uPVC doors have become so popular. They can accommodate the latest technology in locking systems and because of their strength they are themselves a deterrent to burglars.

The beauty of quality uPVC doors is that they require very little maintenance. Available in a staggering variety of Types and Styles at the very most all they require is a wipe with a damp cloth (see our Tips page for more details). Unlike their wooden cousins, uPVC doors don’t swell, rot or require regular rubbing down and repainting. Unlike aluminium doors they are terrific insulators, helping with noise reduction as well as heat retention and reduced condensation.

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