Window cleaning is a quick and simple way to make your home look good. Not only will it makes your windows look smarter and cleaner, it’ll also let more daylight into your home, making rooms feel airier and brighter.

Window cleaning is easy to forget and tempting to avoid, so if you haven’t managed to do it in a while we’re not surprised. Follow our handy cleaning tips to get your windows looking clear and bright in no time.

1. Prepare your windows

Before you start cleaning, it’s a good idea to clean your windows. Tie up any curtains or blinds and give your windows a thorough vacuum or brush. This will help to remove any substantial bits of dirt or dust so you don’t end up with wet, dirty marks that are a pain to clean off.

2. Choose your cleaning product carefully

There are lots of different products you can use for window cleaning. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s worth picking carefully. Diluted vinegar has been popular for a long time and can give you some really good results. But keep in mind that, unlike other products, it’s not great at killing germs.

Soap and water is another easy and cheap option but can leave you with smeary windows if you’re not careful. And there are lots of different cleaning sprays that both clean and disinfect your windows. If you want a premade spray but want to steer clear of harmful chemicals, try an eco-friendly make like Ecover.

3. Get all the equipment you need

There’s no particular equipment that you need for window cleaning, but certain things can help. You’ll definitely need either a sponge or cloth to clean your window with and something to dry them with too. Good materials for this include newspaper, a dry cloth and kitchen roll. It’s essential to use whatever you need to get your windows completely dry – otherwise they’ll be smeary or watermarked.

You also might need a squeegee, which will help to get rid of excess water, and a bucket if you don’t use cleaner from a spray bottle. If you want to avoid waste, try to use cloths that you can wash and reuse, or newspaper that you already have and can recycle.

4. Pick the right time

Think carefully about when you clean your windows. Try to do it on a day that’s not too sunny and hot – you don’t want your window cleaner drying too quickly and leaving smudges on your window. It’s also sensible to avoid rainy or misty days as you’ll find it hard to get your windows dry.

Give yourself plenty of time for window cleaning. Aim to clean all of the windows in a room at once – if you don’t the cleans ones will look brilliant but the dirty ones will look even worse.

Following these tips should help you end up with brilliantly clear windows that look great.

If cleaning isn’t enough and you think you need completely new windows, we can help. Complete our online form and we’ll connect you with up to 4 local double glazing professionals.

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