Surely double glazing installation isn?t something that just anyone would have a stab at??unbelievably, yes it is!

It seems that desperate times call for desperate measures and the? recession has led to a noticeable increase in DIY home improvements, including the fitting of double glazed windows and doors. Research shows that DIY enthusiast?s are attempting larger scale projects in an attempt to save money and increase the value of their home, as opposed to getting a skilled professional in to do the job properly.

Well each to their own; it?s a free country (sort of…) and if needs must, then installing your own double glazing is not rocket science, however if you are thinking of fitting your own windows or doors, keep in mind that many DIY double glazing projects tend to fail miserably and can end up costing a lot more in the long run.

It?s important to be realistic; do you really have the ability, skills and time to do the work yourself?? Although not complicated, there is considerable skill involved in double glazing installation and the cost of rectifying mistakes could be huge ? not to mention the stresses on marital life whilst in progress!

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