DIY Double Glazing Guide

As all DIY enthusiasts will appreciate, before embarking on the challenge of any new project it?s important to get all the information you can on the subject and do all the groundwork you can beforehand.Thinking of installing your own double glazing? Before you begin there are a lot questions you?ll need to get an answer to, for example:

  • What time of frame are you looking to install:? UPVC, timber, aluminium, composite?
  • What type of glass do you need: safety, opaque, triple glazed?
  • What style will best suit your property: leaded, bevelled, coloured glass?
  • Is it worth the risk of doing your own survey or preferable to get an expert in?
  • Have you got all the necessary equipment and know how to operate it?
  • Which is the best supplier to use in your local area?

Downloading our Double Gazing Guide can help you make informed decisions on all the above and much more, plus give you invaluable information on ordering and fitting.? There is a lot more to DIY double glazing than the installation, it?s a many phased project that needs to be approached methodically. Even though you are fitting it yourself, it is still a substantial financial investment that can have a huge impact when you come to sell your home.

Be sure you are aware of all governing legislation concerning building regulations and planning permission. If your home is a listed building or you live in a conservation area you will be strictly limited as to the glazing you and install. All DIY double glazing installations require a certificate of compliance from your local authority when work is finished. A representative will have to inspect the work and confirm that materials used are in line with environmental regulations surrounding CO2 emissions and heat retention. You cannot legally sell your property without this document. Expect a standard fee in the region of ?60.

Choosing a style may sound like the easy part, but try to make sure your new double glazing is in keeping the type and style of property you are installing it in. You?d be surprised at the impact ?ugly? glazing can having when trying to sell, not to mention the neighbour?s reaction. The weight of the entire project hinges on the survey. The best possible advice is to get a professional in; it?s relatively inexpensive given the risks involved in getting it wrong. However if you must give it a go you might want to read the survey page for some useful tips and definitely download the Double Glazing Guide.

There are points covered by a survey other than simple measurements and you will want to take all of these into account and discuss your requirements with your supplier. For example, are you legally obliged to install safety glass, fire escape hinges or certain ventilation features?? Would you like to upgrade the standard security options or do you have specific opening requirements, such as tilt and turn frames for easy cleaning or privacy glass? When ordering, be specific. Presumably you have carefully sourced a reputable supplier of good quality materials and got a least 2 ? 3 quotations. When you are happy with your supplier be sure to provide detailed drawings and ask any questions on the finer points of the contract and delivery before placing your order. See ordering tips for a complete list of these. Remember that measurements should be taken in millimetres and the smallest of 3 submitted.

You may find the fitting tips page useful as it covers a variety of useful and practical tips on laying out your project. For a more detailed step by step guide you?d be best to read the DIY Double Glazing Guide in PDF, you will have to complete a simple form to access this.
Finally, if your diy double glazing plan includes hanging a door, make sure you are familiar with the technique of Toeing and Heeling to avoid more work in the long run.

Get everything right and you should not only have the satisfaction of a job well done, but be enjoying all the benefits of good double glazing, such as reduced heating bills, greater notice reduction and greater security.? Installing you own double glazing is not for everyone, many prefer the peace of mind of getting the experts in, but if you have the time and are committed to the challenge, it can be a very rewarding process.