A study conducted by Which? in 2010 revealed that over the previous 12 months the typical spend on home improvements had increased by ?1,000. It appears home owners are answering the Improve or Move debate with their wallets and deciding to make the most of where they are.

There are many UPVC products that can make a big difference to your home without putting too great a strain on your wallet. Whether you are looking to sell in a slow moving property market or simply just want to make the best of what you?ve got, many double glazing suppliers are chomping at the bit to offer great deals on a whole range of products.

Ideas include sprucing up your front door to make the right first impression, or replacing a rear facing window with a practical patio door – increasing your access to your outdoor spaces has been proved to have a huge impact on a properties liveability.

Make sure when you?re discussing your ideas with a UPVC installer that they will be able to colour match with your existing UPVC, that they use an experienced installation team and that bits and pieces such as trims, sealants and fittings are all included in the price.

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