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Insulate with double glazing for the winter

In the winter you waste a lot more money on energy bills to keep your home warm, and you?ll pay even more if your property?s not insulated properly. In fact, in the colder months you could be spending up to 40% more on energy because the heat is escaping the house though the walls and [...]


Coloured uPVC Windows

If you want all the benefits of double glazing, but you?re looking for something a little more quirky, then coloured uPVC windows are a fantastic option. Firstly, you can select from a whole range of colours for one that suits your room and home. And there really are dozens of colours ? from lime green [...]


Why do Seals in uPVC Windows Fail?

uPVC and aluminium frames share similar arrangements: Double glazing panes should sit on blocks within the uPVC frames ? not be in direct contact with. The two panes must be supported equally to prevent ?slippage?. The framework should have adequate drainage, either through holes hidden from view, or visible ?face? drains. There is good ventilation [...]


Silicone Sealants for Aluminium, Wooden and uPVC Windows

Sealants are great at preventing the penetration of noise, dust, air and gas and are usually used to fill in small openings. Typically, sealants are used for concrete and drywall, but are just as effective with other materials such as uPVC. Fundamentally, no single silicone type should be used for everything. The problem is, their [...]