3 Reasons to Consider Tilt and Turn Windows

Do you find that your home or work environment gets stuffy when it's warm? In spite of our lack of good weather this summer, the office has been rather hot recently. What we could do with is some tilt and turn windows. They offer much more ventilation than common windows. What are tilt and [...]


Glazed Extensions: the New Space Solution

Adding an extension is something that property owners are doing more and more. As house prices climb, people are struggling to afford to upgrade to bigger homes so are remaining in the same property for longer. Building an extension has multiple advantages. Not only does it add to the amount of space you have in [...]


Double Glazing in 6 Easy Steps

Double glazing need not be daunting; here are 6 easy steps designed to ensure that your new or replacement double glazing project runs smoothly: Quotes: Perhaps the most crucial part of the whole process ? finding a double glazing supplier. Make sure you get a quick quote from a minimum of 3 independent suppliers. Check [...]