Double glazing or a guard dog?

Essentially, if you?re looking to secure your home against potential thieves, there is only one real option. Guard dogs may ward off paperboys and canvassers, but if you?ve got old, tired and badly constructed window frames, they will be targeted. In terms of window security, double glazed windows are fantastic, as they come fully equipped [...]


The Risks of Cheap Replacement Doors

Doors are an essential cog in your home?s security and should not be bought cheaply to save a few pounds. Thieves targeting a property will pinpoint two possible entry points ? the windows and the doors. Therefore, it is of upmost importance that both areas are fully secure, to protect you and your belongings. So [...]


Choosing The Right Front Door

Picking a new front door for your home is a decision that shouldn?t be taken lightly. It?s the first thing you see when you enter the property and the last thing you see when you leave. Therefore, you want something that fits in well with the style of the rest of the house. You also [...]


Double Glazing and Security Measures

Let?s face it, if someone is determined to break into your property there?s not a lot you can do to stop them. Your windows and doors at the natural points of entry into your home and therefore prime targets for potential thieves. The latest generation window locking technology is impressive, not to mention unobtrusive and [...]


Door Security

On the frontline defence of any home security setup is the front door and back door.? If you think about it, door security can be a tricky area to get right.? On one hand, it?s a real inconvenience having to waste time unbolting a number of ugly locks, but then again you don?t want to [...]


Safe as Houses: Double Glazing and Protecting your Home

It is common sense that old, non-double glazed windows are a lot easier to break into and allow entry into your home. Windows and doors are the prime entry points for potential thieves so be sure to consider the locking devices carefully when installing new double glazing. Internally beaded windows are thought of as particularly [...]


What Else Should I Know About Porches? – Part 2

Ventilation is a key necessity for porches. In the summer especially, the sun will heat it up like a parked car. Also, remember that security should not be ignored and your inner front door will require high security. In particular, the main benefits for having a porch built are: Increased door security Increased insulation Good [...]